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October 14, 2018


Hi there!


Welcome to my Internship Portfolio. Although this post is dated as one from 2018, this post is actually from this year, 2019. This website is my blog, which is active. Since I regularly post on this website and have multiple viewers a day, I chose to post-date this portfolio. This way, you and I can see it, but no one else can - unless they really love my blog and choose to go back this far. In which case, they deserve to see it.


Every post on this website can be considered text-based content! However, as I can only submit one piece for my portfolio, I chose this one. In the linked article, I go to a vintage boutique and document my experience shopping there. The piece includes photos and videos of the interior, an interview with the owner, and photos of how I styled the piece I picked out.


If you'd like to view more of my work, including guest posts and content written for other websites, click here.


Currently, I do not produce multi-media content - although I do intend on starting early next year, once my final semester is over.


Here are my references, in no particular order.


Rochelle Grandmont - Director of Operations at MakeLab Inc.

Phone Number: 416-795-1849

Email: rochelle@makelab.ca


Zephyr Basine - Editor-in-Chief of College Fashion

Phone Number: 857-366-6126

Email: zephyr@collegefashion.net


Zeinab Fakih - Senior Editor at Her Campus: Ryerson

Phone Number: 647-921-8201

Email: zeinab.fakih@ryerson.ca


Sarah DoCouto - Co-Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus: Ryerson

Phone Number: 437-341-1431

Email: docouto.sarah@gmail.com











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